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Specialists in increasing sales, increasing profits and improving cash flow


We believe that there are many reasons why Business Owners seek the expert guidance of a Business Coach.


Our Business Coaching services have proven to assist Business Owners if they are faced with any of the following situations:


  • Their business is not making a substantial profit or not making a profit at all.

  • They are managing their finances through daily cash flows.

  • They do not have any sales, marketing or advertising strategies or their current strategies are not delivering the desired results.

  • They are unsure what to do next to make their business grow.

  • They just don’t have anyone to talk to or to bounce ideas off.

  • They don’t know if they have the right people in their business or who else they need to hire.

  • Their direction changes from week-to-week.

  • They don’t have a clear set of priorities and don’t have a strategic plan.

  • They just aren’t getting things done.

  • They can’t remember the last time they took a holiday, a day off, or had a 40 hour working week.

  • They feel stuck.

  • Their own business has grown out from underneath them.


We have strong principles that a Business Coach should bring out the best of what a Business Owner is. Our coaching services are there to encourage, support, guide, motivate, train, challenge, brain storm and to inspire a Business Owner to be a better leader and to maximise the performance of their business.


Our coaching takes the form of working one-on-one with Business Owners in regular structured conversation and meetings with an objective to ensuring that the Business Owner understands their role in achieving business success through methodologies that are measurable and sustainable.


We ensure that Business Owners are held accountable for the delivery of assignments and tasks in order to ensure that identified and agreed outcomes are achieved.


We help Business Owners to discover how changing or accommodating personal characteristics and perspectives can affect both personal and business processes and outcomes. 


We work closely to establish an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect, challenge and accountability to motivate both the Business Owner and us as their Business Coach.


Business Owners that undertake the JDI Services Business Coaching program can expect a customised program designed to address some or all of the following:

  • Development, implementation, monitoring and review of a rolling strategic 90 day action plan.

  • Obtain clarity and stay focused on what matters in the business.

  • Improve thinking, analysis, prioritising and decision making.

  • Improve leadership capabilities, self-awareness reflection and self-management disciplines.

  • Create a culture of accountability for taking action.

  • Improve leadership capabilities.

  • Create an empowering vision and mission for their business.

  • Resolve staff challenges and develop an inspiring team.

  • Increase sales.

  • Increase profits.

  • Improve cash flow.

  • Increase a return on investment and income.

  • Maximise overall business performance.

  • Implement a work / life balance.

  • Implement strategies to get more done in less time.

  • Discover and develop the untapped potential of their business.


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