NDIS Assistance

Our NDIS Consulting Services have assisted many Specialist Disability Accommodation and Allied Health Services Providers in the following areas:

  • NDIS Accreditation

  • NDIS Certification

  • NDIS Verification 

  • NDIS Audits  


We work closely with our clients in the development and implementation of the following:

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Service Provision Operating Manuals

  • Administration Operating Manuals

  • Financial Sustainability Processes and Reporting

  • Business and Strategic Planning

  • Sales Growth Strategies

  • Internal Audit Processes

  • Employee Recruitment

  • Management and Staff Training 

We have a fundamental belief that all NDIS Service Providers should be audit ready at “anytime” and our NDIS Consulting Services are designed to achieve this objective for each of our clients.

We understand the NDIS registration requirements from all perspectives and are highly experienced to assist all NDIS Service Providers through their preparation, registration and audit processes. 

We recognise that every NDIS Service Provider is different and our individualised approach is suitable for both the experienced operators to the new business owner embarking on providing services within the NDIS industry.

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