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JDI Services understand the difficulties that Business Owners face when deciding on the engagement of either a Business Coach, a Business Consultant or a Sales Team Trainer in order to improve the performance of their business. Business Coaching, Business Consultancy and Sales Team Training all provide valued benefits to a Business Owner if they are engaged and delivered at the appropriate time in the life cycle of their business. JDI Services provides comprehensive services across all three business service in order to increasing sales, increasing profits and improving cash flow.


JDI Services will initially work with a Business Owner in order to determine the most appropriate services that are required. We will then commence the development and implementation of either suitable coaching, consulting or sales team training programs in order to meet and exceed the Business Owners short, medium and long term business and personal objectives. Highly successful Business Owners all have access to a Business Coach, a Business Consultant and a Sales Team Trainer that have the commercial expertise, a proven track record and overall experience to develop and implement strategies, mentor, guide and coach them to success. With over 50 years of combined Senior Executive, C-Suite positions, Senior Sales Management and Business Owner experience, JDI Services welcomes an opportunity to discuss and review your business objectives.


What You Should Know about Working with a Business Coach


What’s it like to work with a business coach? It’s not so dissimilar from working with an athletic coach. An athletic coach works to identify an athlete’s greatest strengths and weaknesses and then puts together a strategy to help them grow and reach higher levels of success. A business coach does the same thing for businesses, whether that means helping them correct management issues in the office or identifying reasons why sales and revenue figures are flat. 


At JDI Services, we are proud to offer this type of business coaching in Sydney.


The Benefits of Working with a Business Coach


It’s worth noting up front that not every business needs corporate coaching. A growing, thriving business with a well-defined structure, a clear set of goals, a robust strategic plan and a healthy company culture probably won’t benefit much from bringing in an outside coach. For a business that is struggling or not reaching its full potential, though, the benefits of teaming up with a management coach can be nearly limitless.

  • A business coach brings a fresh set of eyes. Sometimes, you can spend so long trying to solve a puzzle that you lose the ability to see solutions you haven’t already tried. The same basic idea is often true of businesses. You are so close to your business that you might struggle to see its biggest problems or to identify new solutions. Our corporate coaching in Sydney brings a fresh perspective to the table, and with it, fresh ideas.

  • An action plan. It’s easy to see when a business isn’t turning a profit or is stagnating from a growth perspective. The numbers don’t lie. What is a lot harder to see is what you can do to change things? A core part of our business coaching is a rolling, strategic 90-day action plan. With us, you’ll know exactly where you are going next.

  • A positive change. The most significant benefit of working with a business coach in Sydney is exactly what you think it is: solving the biggest challenges your business is facing so that you can move forward. Our goal is always to create a positive change, whether that means helping you build a stronger internal team to drive business growth or working with you to deliver demonstrable revenue growth.


What You Can Expect from JDI Services Regarding Business Coaching in Sydney


When you hire JDI Services as your personal coach in Sydney, here are just a few of the things you receive:


  • One-on-one training. We keep our client load relatively light to make sure we can spend enough time with every client. Our training takes the form of in-depth one-on-one coaching, always tailored to suit your business and the pain points you are facing.

  • A positive approach. Our goal is never to run your business or criticise you for past mistakes. Instead, our coaches are all about bringing out the best in business owners. We take a positive approach, encouraging, motivating and supporting our clients to help them grow their leadership skills and improve their businesses. That doesn’t mean we won’t challenge you along the way, but it does mean you can expect respectful and constructive coaching.

  • A clear direction forward. Again, we won’t tell you how to run your business. Instead, the aim of our coaching and mentoring in Sydney is to give you the tools to lead your business towards growth and prosperity in the future. Our coaching is focused on the long term and will provide you with a better idea of how to move forward with your business.


Things You Can Learn from JDI Services


What are some of the specific lessons you can learn from our team at JDI Services? The answer to this question ultimately depends on the business, but here are a few things we have helped clients with in the past:


  • How to prioritise. Leading a company can be chaotic, with a million things to think about at any given time. We coach clients on how to identify the most critical priorities and provide them with a core focus.

  • How to be a good manager. Leadership skills are a huge part of growing your business into a place of productivity, engagement, enthusiasm and excitement. We help you improve your management capabilities—both in terms of self-management and management of teams.

  • How to achieve a work-life balance. Just because you are a business owner doesn’t mean your business has to be your whole life. A considerable part of our coaching is helping leaders learn to take some time for themselves.

Why a Customer Should Use JDI Services


When is it time to call for professional coaching in Sydney? Here are a few challenges or pain points that have led clients to JDI Services in the past:


  • Profits are flat. If your business is struggling in terms of cash flow or profits, sitting down with a business coach might help identify the roadblocks that are preventing growth and success.

  • There is no organisation. Every business needs a mission statement. Every business needs a strategic plan. Every business need core policies or processes. If your business is missing these elements of organisational structure, that could be a liability.

  • Your business has grown faster than you thought. Most business growth is an excellent thing. Occasionally, though, a company can grow too quickly, leaving managers and team members overwhelmed and unable to meet demand. If your business is in an unsustainable growth cycle, our management coaching in Sydney can offer strategies for getting things back under control.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with a Business Mentor in Sydney


For many small businesses, the missing piece to their next successful expansion is a business mentor in Sydney. Even those businesses with brilliant ideas and excellent team members can struggle at breaking through to their next phase. There’s a habit that many small business owners develop, which is working in the business rather than working on the business. JDI Services can help you gain the perspective and clarity to guide your business to a successful expansion phase.


The Importance of A Small Business Consultant in Sydney


You already recognise that you can’t do the job entirely by yourself - it’s why you have employees to help you stay organised and be more productive. Similarly, small business consultants help you in several ways:


  • Many of your processes will have been developed over time, based on what worked and what didn’t. For many small businesses, those processes remain in place until there’s a significant problem and something needs to be changed. Nevertheless, those processes are rarely the most efficient, so we can help you examine how you conduct your work to find improvements.

  • Often, the products that a business produces demand different skills than running the company. As a result, many small business owners are stretched thin and don’t know the best way to solicit additional investment. A proposal writing consultant has the skills you need to ensure your business makes the right impression on potential investors and clients.

What You Can Expect from JDI Services as a Business Adviser in Sydney


When you recognise the importance of working with a business adviser to help your business achieve its maximum potential, you may wonder what to expect from our service. Consider several things that we offer you when you sign up with JDI Services. 


  • Our team is consistently available when you need advice or assistance. We love hearing from our clients to ensure that we get the best feedback and can provide relevant advice for your business as your position develops. 

  • We maintain an eye to the future and want to help you grow. Our team also includes a business expansion consultant who will review your goals and help you develop a cohesive strategy regarding how to get there. Together, we can bring your company into its next stage.

  • To ensure that our clients receive the best possible service, we retain our services exclusively for those who have signed with us. As a result, you’ll never receive just part of our attention. Instead, you’ll always be our focus as we work with you to develop your business to match your vision.

Why You Should Use JDI Services


We believe that the most successful business relationships are those established on trust and mutual understanding. Here are several ways that our partnership will benefit your business:


  • Increase Profits - There are two ways to increase profits: reduce expenses and increase revenue. Our team can help you identify ways to rein in unnecessary costs while helping you target your niche market and become more productive.

  • Improve Morale - Everyone enjoys being on the winning team, so we can help you develop a culture of success that invites each of your employees to earnestly feel that they’re part of a business that’s growing.

  • Develop Staff - Even your best employees have areas that they can improve on their skills. Let our team meet your team and create a development program that can improve your sales force, customer service outreach, and more.


About JDI Services

At JDI Services, we understand the challenges that business owners are facing every day when it comes to growing their businesses or establishing a sustainable strategic plan. Collectively, JDI Services has over 50 years of executive management experience. With this degree of experience comes innumerable lessons on how to effectively conduct business, and as your management advisor in Sydney, we put those lessons at your disposal. When you hire us as your business coach or mentor, we go to work for you, offering fresh ideas and detail-driven strategies to help you improve as a leader, increase revenues and grow profits. Contact us today to learn more.

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