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We believe that you need the right people on your sales team to drive sales and gross margin growth.


As such, before we embark on developing and delivering a customised Sales Training program, we identify the Business Owners “ideal sales person” by way of skill set, previous experience and personality traits and undertake a comprehensive review and analysis of their existing sales team. From our review we identify the areas of greatest upskilling requirements and then customise our sale training programs to address these shortfalls.


The cost of employing the wrong sales person can be enormous so we provide recommendations and procedures to ensuring that the Business Owners recruitment processes assists in the employment of only the appropriate and the most suitable sale team members. We believe that great recruitment processes makes it easier to build high performing sales teams.


Our Sales Team training programs are normally conducted in group sessions away from the office environment.


Our Sales Training programs include the following:


  • Identifying and developing value propositions.

  • Identifying and developing unique selling propositions.

  • Identifying target markets and target customers.

  • Developing strategies to obtaining a first meeting.

  • Understanding clients buying modes and buying influences.

  • Understanding strategic selling principles.

  • How to influence specifications.

  • Development of professional documentation, quotations and tender responses.

  • Developing follow up strategies.

  • Developing mutually beneficial business relationships.

  • The cost of sales team employment for the business.


For Business Owners we will provide guidance, recommendations and plans to:


  • Define a sales culture and recruiting to it.

  • Define sales process.

  • Create data driven accountability.

  • Foster a coaching culture.

  • Create team goals with a personal focus.

  • Encourage co-operative competition.

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